Rock embedded in concrete.
This is a rock that I found in a hard place. Looks quite cross, doesn’t it? My picture.

Don’t take me too seriously here, but it crosses my mind that the simplest solution to the EU/Northern Ireland “border in the Irish Sea” problem would be for the UK to take back Calais. That would also solve the refugee crisis.

No need for refugees to risk crossing the English…

Strikes me that what I’m waiting for, with this pandemic, is the next surprise.

The coverage so far hasn’t been reassuring, exactly, and it wouldn’t be fair to call it predictable. But it has been trying to fit itself to a story arc. The first lockdown ended, and here in…

Here are the first two paragraphs of the UK-government media release that announced the G7 Summit in Cornwall, UK, in June 2021.

The first reads:

“Prime Ministers and Presidents from the world’s leading democracies will come together in Cornwall in June to address shared challenges, from beating coronavirus and tackling…

So nobody’s resigning and the official advice is to trust the police. There’s a new strategy promised.

These days, we don’t close the stable door after the horse has…

Shadow — actually, mine — cast on green water.
Shadow — actually, mine — cast on green water.
Day for night? I took this picture from Fish Strand Quay in Falmouth, Cornwall, on a bright afternoon. My story is set in St Mawes, across the water, at night.

Fish and chips on the bench at the end, where the ferry docks, between a stack of lobster pots (and an enormous anchor) and a small-ish boy fishing. …

Part of a page of a book.
Part of a page of a book.
‘Can I Quote You on That?’ by William Essex, published by Harriman House. Available as an ebook, although you can still pick up the hardback and there’s even a Vietnamese-language paperback. My rather grey picture. Sorry. It felt like a good idea at the time.

Here’s an extract from my book Can I Quote You on That? Written considerably before Covid, et cetera, it’s about handling the media. Until the other day, I hadn’t looked at it in ages, but now — yeah, I think I might post the occasional extract. Be warned: the world’s…

Thick forest with mountains behind.
Thick forest with mountains behind.
Build the road, Jack! International diplomacy is easier if you use diggers and not deadly weapons. My picture.

Passing thought. The news media are full of the USA’s forced withdrawal from Afghanistan. The word “power” is used to describe the soldiers, weapons and expensive air transports that were expelled by those raggle-taggle groups of bearded young men with assault rifles. …

Morning sky, clouds, sun rising behond them, bird flying.
Early morning. That sun just kept on coming, and later, the day was bright. My picture.

“They fall, and falling, / are given wings.” Rumi, translated (as Google tells me) by Coleman Barks. Two lines in the poem Sky-Circles, which is about “the way of love”.

Today would be a good day on which to make sky-circles of our freedom, yes? To take those chances, to…

Tomorrow’s papers today. What would the astronauts who walked on the moon think of our achievement in getting billionaires to the edge of space? My picture.

Maybe this happens already, and maybe it doesn’t. Today’s idea for a not very innovative, not very tech, get-rich-slowly idea would be: local printing of online publications. I can take my phone, or any gadget, to the camera shop and come out with printed photographs. …

William Essex

Writer, editor, publisher, Creative Director (seriously) at Climbing Tree Books (dot net). All views are my own. Mostly.

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